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"I found exactly what I was looking for with the head(amame) headphones."

"The head(amame) headphones are a design that combines 3D printed parts with hi-fi grade components to create a high-end listening experience."

"I’m not joking when I say they’re incredible for gaming."



Bringing incredible value with exceptional design and sound.

Quality parts make enjoyable noises for your ears and brain to enjoy while looking like nothing else on the market!

min(amame) headphones

The on-ear little brother to our head(amame)!

More portable and adorable than head(amame), without compromising sound quality.

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head(amame) Mic
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head(amame) Cable

Our Story

3D Printers aren't just for knick-knacks! People should have a reason to build things, and have a hand in creating the products they consume. Chances are you're less likely to throw something out that you can repair or alter when you get bored of it. That's something that benefits everyone. That's why we designed headphones anyone can print, customize, and enjoy for years to come.