head(amame) V1.4 Release

First, thank you so much for supporting the head(amame) so far!

Second, this is a comically small change log, but I think it’s one that will excite some people with headphone amps, or other Hi-Fi equipment.

Change Log

  • 50mm driver mount added to Cone Files folder
    • This allows for you to take advantage of the 50mm Peerless by Tymphany driver if you have a more powerful way of driving the head(amame)

Other News

Additions to the online store.

Notably bringing an option for 50mm drivers on all the kits, and the ability to buy parts separate. This way if you need another set of impedance-matched drivers you aren’t stuck with a huge bill including other parts.

New Patreon page!

A few people have asked us to get on the Patreon train and so this is us doing it!

We have a few ideas up our sleeves, but mainly this will be a great place to share some of the other functional projects we are working on while they are in the development phase.

This also provides a place where you can contact us directly to ask for specific builds, tutorials, or influence the next projects.

We will be keeping the Discord available for Serialed members regardless of Patreon status.

Oh yeah and to kick things off, Patrons will receive a free set of head(amame) files and a Discount Code for 10% off our online store.

Wrapping up

Don't forget to post your builds on /r/vectorfinesse, Instagram, Tiktok or whatever tickles your fancy.

Tag us with "@vectorfinesse", and #vectorfinesse and submit a post on THIS FORM to get your Serial Number sent to you free of charge.

Thank you all once again for sticking around, we love handing out serial numbers on all the cool builds!

Happy printing/listening!

Morgan and John