head(amame) V1.5 Release

September 8, 2021

I think this one should be called the “Angus update” because of the huge boost from the Makers Muse video. In this update we have two big changes, and a few Quality-of-Life updates.

Change Log
  • 50mm driver mount greatly improved.

    • Nothing like having to ship dozens of kits to make you take a good hard look at your parts…

    • The 50mm driver mount has been improved for both strength and printability.

  • Cones

    • *IMPORTANT* We found that the fillet at the spring clamp mount was missing on the previous v1.4 files. If you have already printed this part, you can trim 2-3mm off that corner and the spring clamp will fit just fine. EXAMPLE HERE

    • Cones are now labelled L/R and the logos no longer print backwards

    • Included support-blocked Cone 3MF files to help with simpler slicing

  • All files now oriented properly for slicing,

    • Thanks for the kick in the pants on this Angus!

Additional News
Color Picker

Twitter user The Filament Librarian has done an incredible job working on an improved color picker instead of the hacked together one that we have on our website. The demo is fully functional over at his GitHub here.

We will eventually replace our existing color picker with this but wanted to give a sneak peek!

Gyroid Support modeled in

We have heard the calls for gyroid support to be modelled into the cones and can confirm we are working on it, but do not have a firm idea for when that will be complete.

Wrapping up

Don't forget to post your builds on r/vectorfinesse, Instagram, Tiktok or whatever tickles your fancy.

📷Tag us with "@vectorfinesse", and #vectorfinesse and submit a post on THIS FORM to get your Serial Number sent to you free of charge.

Happy printing/listening!

Morgan and John