head(amame) V1.6 Release

October 19, 2021

The one where we make slicing WAY easier.

From the beginning of head(amame)’s design process we had to ask a lot of our slicing software to get us some good sounding headphones. With it’s gyroid support option, Cura was a software that worked okay, and didn’t require a lot of extra steps in CAD. However, this meant that our builders had to work in a slicing software that wasn’t familiar. Thanks for being loud about how annoying this was. It helps us get better.

Today, with a trick first found by Andreas Mass (go give him a follow if you like great design work) we can release a set of files that simplifies the slicing experience for Cura and Prusa Slicer users alike.

Change Log
  • Infill bodies added to the Cone and Headband Mount models

  • Cura 3MF Files for Cone and Headband Mount

  • PrusaSlicer 3MF Files for Cone and Headband Mount

  • Slicing Guide updated to reflect the new models

Additional News
Cables are in, and kits are rolling out!

Thanks again for all the patience this last 6 weeks. We are working hard to make sure supply chain issues don’t get in the way of you and your builds. We see a challenge incoming on driver supply, so consider this your early warning that we aren’t out of the woods yet. Here’s hoping we can come up with more things for you to print :)…

We are working on the next projects!

The huge interest in head(amame) has motivated us to keep working on new iterations. We are going to be hashing out these ideas in the Vector Finesse Patreon first so that they can get tested out before being pushed to the main model release. For quick reference, here is a list of improvements we are thinking about:

  • Get a mic on those things!

    • Click on the Patreon to see the first mic photo!

    • We hope to have some great options for you and your communication soon.

  • Smaller/more portable/cheaper head(amame)

    • Head(amame) are some big headphones! We are thinking about what it would mean to print a more mobile set that is hopefully a lot cheaper and accessible for more 3D Printing enthusiasts.

  • Options for less bass

    • Head(amame) are a bassy set of cans, and we are working on an option for people to tune that out physically before resorting to EQing the headphones.

Wrapping up

Thanks so much for all the support.

Tag us with u/vectorfinesse and #vectorfinesse and submit a post on THIS FORM to get your Serial Number sent to you free of charge.

Happy printing/listening!

Morgan and John